The Gateway interviews me for Crime Watch

Laura O'Connor standing in front of Metro Cinema, EdmontonCrime Watch
Presented by Metro Cinema
Garneau Theatre (8712 109 St.)
Plays the second Monday of each month
Admission $8 for students, available at the door

For Laura O’Connor, it came as no surprise that her first solo effort in film curation was a series about crime films. Her love of the genre began to develop while watching crime shows such as Quincy and Columbo when she was just a kid, and she inherited a love of detective television shows from her mother early on.

“I was sitting in the theatre at the edge of my seat, wanting to scream at the screen and I realized that’s what crime does to me. Crime films are exciting and interesting and I just put two and two together,” O’Connor explains.

“I loved it when the good guys won and I loved it even more when the bad guys won. I just found the whole procedure fascinating and the chase compelling. I love everything about it. “

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Shannon Kovalsky Gateway Writer
July 15, 2013