Edmonton's 2nd Timeraiser and the trials of moving an artist


The Timeraiser supports emerging and mid-career artists like few other community events do: artists are paid fair market value for their work instead of being asked to donate their creativity. The art is then auctioned off at the Timeraiser to raise volunteer hours for the community. To date, the Timeraiser has invested over $310,000 in the careers of more than 450 artists across the country.

At last year's Timeraiser I was able to see my artwork directly contributing to make my community a better place. It was one of the most positive experiences of my artistic career to date. So I'm very honoured to say that my work has been chosen again this year.


Click here to view the Timeraiser's website, where you can see a gallery of the artwork and read up on the charities involved.


While moving is rarely easy for anyone, I can't help but feel that moving is especially hard for artists. Not only do you have to move everyday life things such as your bed and couch. You need to carefully pack your finished pieces, the tools of your particular medium and all of the things an artist collects because you might be able to use it for something one day. Even after making an effort to let go of things, my boxes overflowed with scraps of paper and interesting objects. The good news is that I've moved from a studio apartment to a new artist live/work space with a bedroom and office... so now I have more room to spread out my various collections.